About Jeff

Jeff Yager
Photo credit: Justyna Sokolowska

Jeff Yager grew up in Stamford, Connecticut. More than a decade ago, he relocated to Florida where he now lives in a town outside of Tampa. He has an Associate Degree in the Arts from Pasco-Hernandez State College and is the author of three novels—Seven Days in Virtual Reality, I Like God, co-authored with Skye Bynes, about social media, and Atom & Eve— and, inspired by his son Bradley, two children’s books, The Question is Why? and Chuck and Alfonzo, both illustrated by Nancy Batra.

In addition to his own writing, Jeff does editing for other authors and publishing companies. He also has been creating his own music and rap songs for many years and has several albums including Jay-Free Existential Crisis and Extraterrestrial Activity. He also has over 15 years of experience in the professional wrestling industry.

Here’s Jeff, age 14, with his Dad, on the right, and his Dad’s friend, David Carradine, actor, director, and writer:

Jeff Yager at 14 years old